The Many Benefits of Body Bark

soft.pngSuper Soft for All
Made from luxuriously soft MicroModal® fabric, you’ll continually rediscover what a joy each piece is to wear. Discover comfort cherished by all, especially those with sensitive skin.

style.pngFlexible Fashion
Whisper thin for effortless layering and so finely knit as to offer the opacity and elegance to be worn alone. Each piece complements your graceful silhouette, night or day, in any ensemble.

temp.pngThe Temp You Need
Cozy insulation for those that run cold, yet breathes for those prone to overheating. And if you’re still sweating, relax: Body Bark offers stain-resistant protection for all your layers.

Resistant to wrinkling and pilling, and retaining both fit and color brilliance over the years, these quality basics will barely need replacing. Body Bark has your back no matter where life takes you.


What makes our amazing clothes possible? Lenzing MicroModal® Edelweiss fabric.

MicroModal® is a premium fabric spun exclusively from the inner pulp of beechwood trees. Although it may seem strange to derive fabrics from trees, it’s the same principle as other plant-based fabrics like cotton and linen. Beechwood pulp though is far silkier than either cotton or linen, and by processing the pulp to create nearly pure cellulose, the fabric has far greater resilience than either as well. In fact, of all fabrics, this incredibly soft fabric has the best color salience, durability, and shape retention.

Lenzing happens to be the world’s oldest and most experienced company in the industry, and has been producing* modal fibers from sustainably harvested forests in Austria for 80 years. MicroModal® Edelweiss is their premium product, consisting of even purer cellulose to allow for a finer knit and sleeker feel without any added weight. Though the fibers are from Lenzing in Austria, all of our basics are spun and stitched in the USA for the highest quality craftsmanship. It is just as important to us that we continue to support our local economies. * All processing is done in accordance with strict environmental standards, including chemical-free spinning and dying, rainwater for growth, and no toxic discharge.

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