Our Story


Our Sustainable Clothing Company

Founder Catherine Poirier didn’t set out with the intention of building a sustainable clothing company, but with the goal of taking pride in selling the best possible product, sustainability was inevitable.

After the birth of her first child, Catherine’s career took a backseat to motherhood until one Halloween when, preparing for a party, she struggled to find a long sleeve top to wear under a scratchy sweater. In a flash, she realized she had never once found a fashionable but invisible underlayer she could truly love. And in that moment, her nascent desire for a future as an entrepreneur found the inspiration it needed to grow and drive her.

Taking herself as the customer, and a discerning customer at that, she began countless hours of research and fabric testing. She knew she needed to find a fabric that was luxuriously comfortable; capable of creating form-fitting, bulk-free basics; and attractive to the eye.

At the same time, she knew she would be wearing her basics a great deal, so she wanted a fabric that could withstand years of wear. Sustainability isn’t only about the production process, as important is that the products stand the test of time and require less replacing.

Of course, as a mother living close to nature in beautiful Colorado, the sustainability of the fabric’s production also meant a great deal. She knew that she could only stand behind a product whose entire production process was ethical and high-quality.

Impossible expectations, right? Turns out, no. She found what she was looking for with MircoModal® of Lenzing Ag. This incredibly soft and versatile fabric had the best color salience, durability, and shape retention of any she tested.

And when it came to sustainability, this fabric, made from the cellulose fiber of sustainably harvested Beech trees, was unmatched. Produced using closed-loop manufacturing (a circular model with no unused byproducts), clothes made with MircoModal® are biodegradable and can reenter the ecosystem to prepare the ground for the next generation of plants.

To round out her ethical production line, Catherine chose to have artisans in the United States manufacturing industry produce the final product. With highly-regulated working conditions and excellent compensation, she is proud that all Body Bark products are proudly “Made in the USA.”

Body Bark—truly an Everyday, EveryWear brand for today’s discerning women—was born.

Body Bark: What’s in a Name?

Every tree stands tall in its bark, strong enough to weather the challenges of the world, day or night, but inside safe and snug. We could think of no more fitting comparison for our basics. That they’re also derived from sustainably harvested beech trees only serves to make the metaphor reality.

Can apparel empower us? We believe ours does.